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One of the many horrors of owning a dog is when your pooch suffers from allergies. The hardest part is not knowing exactly about their allergy. It just breaks your heart to see your dog suffering from the allergic reaction. Worry no more, Dog Allergist Madison is here to help you with your problem.

Dog allergies can be caused by several factors. The symptoms range from mild to severe. Some of these symptoms manifest physically; just like rashes and swelling of the nose, while some happen internally; just like wheezing, or even diarrhea. You must first observe what is happening to your dog.


There are some common allergies that dogs have. One of them would be the allergy to insect saliva. This allergy happens because of flea or tick, even mosquito and spider bites. Flea bite is the most common allergen to dogs which causes flea allergy dermatitis or FAD. A dog with FAD usually bites or scratches the part affected by the allergy (usually near the tail) which causes the skin to break and lose some hair. The best thing to do is to make sure that your dog is clean and has no fleas to avoid this type of allergy. Dog Allergist Madison has medicines and topical solutions to help with the itching.

Another type of allergy is called atopy or inhalant allergy. This is somehow similar to humans’ seasonal allergy. The allergens are usually pollen from different types of plants. Unlike humans, dogs do not get their allergic reaction from their respiratory system. The main symptom you can observe would be itchy skin. It is usually mistaken for flea allergy so it is advisable to observe your environment as well when this happens to your dog. Unfortunately, there is no cure to having inhalant allergy. Dog Allergist Madison can help ease the itchiness through some topical solutions, shampoo therapy hyposensitization or desensitization therapy as well as anti-inflammatory therapy.

One more common allergy among dogs would be food allergy. There are several food restrictions for dogs for the reason that they may be allergic to it. The most common food causing allergies to dogs are wheat gluten, chicken, eggs, fish and more. The protein and carbohydrates in these foods are usually the responsible trigger to the allergy. Although these foods are okay for dogs to eat, it should be well regulated to avoid severe allergic reactions.

Though there are many types of allergies that affect dogs, the best way to protect them from this illness is through thorough care, consistent medical check, proper diet, and exercise. Dog Allergist Madison also helps pet owners with the food that they serve to their pet and good exercise regimen they can use to keep their pooch healthy. Apart from treating the dogs with medicines, it would also be helpful to have them recover naturally and overcome their allergies.


For further information on dog allergies, how to treat them and the services we offer as well as our facility for allergy treatment, please feel free to contact us. Dog Allergist Madison would be more than happy to help you and your dog overcome the miseries of having an allergy. Call us today and let us help you.