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Animal wellness center Madison is committed to treating your animal like our own by giving them the best care possible. With our veterinary services, you can guarantee your pet is getting the special veterinary attention they deserve.

Our Pet Wellness Advocacy

We practice the use of integrative veterinary care in many forms. We have established a myriad of contemporary Western techniques in surgery and drugs with the traditional practices of a wellness routine. At pet wellness center Madison, we cover different pet and animal care types that can provide you with peace of mind when you take your pet to us. Most significantly, your pet will have access to the regular veterinary care and consultation they need to stay happy and healthy.

What does our pet wellness plan cover?

Pet wellness Madison covers the essentials in vet visit costs and physical examination. During the wellness examination, your veterinarian will observe your pet. The vet will check for anything that is out of the ordinary. They may also listen to your pet’s heart and lungs, take your pet’s temperature and measure its weight.

Depending on the type of wellness plan you choose for your pet/s, your wellness plan will cover routine care diagnostics, counseling, and treatment such as those listed below:

  • Blood Tests

    This procedure is primarily standard in both humans and animals. The Complete Blood Count (CBC) test informs the veterinarian if any abnormalities in the animal’s blood count may indicate an underlying problem.

  • Dental Cleanings

    Routine dental cleaning for your pets and animals is crucial. The wellness plan includes a dental examination and removing plaque and tartar from the animal’s teeth. At animal wellness center Madison, we look thoroughly at any abnormalities in the animal’s teeth and gums to identify any dental ailment signs.

  • Deworming

    Your veterinarian will first conduct tests to determine if parasites are present. They will then give your pet the necessary oral medications to rid them of the parasites.

  • Fecal Tests

    Your vet will test the sample using a particular solution. This will help the vet determine if gastrointestinal parasites are present in your pet. This is also possible through looking at the pet’s stool under a microscope for a period of time.

  • Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention

    As pet parents, it is vital that you give your pets monthly medications to prevent fleas, ticks, and heartworms. With pet wellness Madison, we cover some of the direct costs of these medications.

  • Heartworm Tests

    Through your pet’s blood test, we can identify how we must rid heartworms away in them. However, this may still need additional treatments that your standard pet insurance plan must already cover.

  • Spay and Neutering

    Our wellness plans cover spay and neuter costs. If you have adopted a pet and it hasn’t been fixed yet, you may consider signing up for a wellness plan as soon as possible so you can get the procedure covered.

  • Urinalysis

    This is typically used to determine the overall well-being and health of your pet. The vet may start with its kidneys and urinary system and may require a urinalysis to detect any other problems.

  • Vaccinations

    Many pet wellness plans cover routine vaccinations for all kinds of titer vaccines and rabies vaccines. When you have younger animals, they require several rounds of vaccines before even they are fully vaccinated. If you have been planning on adopting a puppy or kitten that is not yet vaccinated, our wellness plan could help you with the cost.

Give Your Pet The Care They Deserve

Pet wellness center Madison offers an array of wellness plans perfect for your pet. Call us today for a consultation.